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Zightwise is our transit reporting solution available in the cloud. It supports transit managers – from departments like Planning, Marketing, Operations, Maintenance and Finance – in making better decisions faster. Zightwise is a plug & play solution supporting the most relevant challenges in Public Transport. It is created with transit professionals, and ready for usage by any operator or authority ranging from 10 to more than 10,000 vehicles.

Zightwise provides functionality to monitor, analyse and improve transit operations. All you need to do is deliver your data from systems like AFC, VMS and Planning, and we will have you up and running in no time. Zightwise offers great value for money: high quality information and visuals with low Cost of Ownership.

derived from
your data

Operators and authorities increasingly recognize the potential of data but are having trouble with monetizing it. One major reason is that information is scattered in multiple reports, not providing a clear and integrated view.

With Zightwise your relevant management information is displayed in a single portal enabling users to analyse and improve your public transport.


Zightwise uses your available data. All you need to do is to upload it to our server, and Zightwise will display your management information using the following dataflow:

Modular system unlocking KPIs that will boost insights & results
Depending on your available data sources, Zightwise will display the following Key Performance Indicators:


  • Ridership
  • OD-relations (if CiCo)
  • Retention (or passenger frequency)
  • Passenger km (if CiCo)
  • Passenger hours
  • Passenger revenue


  • Planned trips
  • Planned bus hours (revenue & dead)
  • Planned bus kms (revenue & dead)
  • Planned driver hours (dead, revenue & spare)
  • % spare driver hours (or planned driver hours revenue / planned total)


  • On time performance (% too early, % on time & % too late)
  • On time performance – per route
  • On time performance – per driver
  • On-time departures first stop
  • On-time arrivals last stop
  • Actual trips
  • Actual buses
  • Actual bus hours
  • Actual bus kms
  • Actual drivers
  • Actual driver hours
  • Trips operated
  • Frequency
  • Seat kms
  • Speed
  • Over-speeding / driver
  • Headway regularity / bunching
  • Skipped stops
  • Unauthorized halts
  • Vehicle adherence
  • Driver adherence


  • On time performance per passenger
  • Occupancy (or load factor)
  • Seat availability

Planning & VMS:

  • Trips operated / trips planned
  • Lost km
  • Lost km / planned km
  • Reinforcement km
  • Reinforcement km / planned km

created upon
transit expertise
and user

Zightwise provides dashboards that help you to monitor and analyse your public transport. They are designed in cooperation with public transport professionals. Their expertise is transformed into a high-quality solution that can be accessed via any regular browser. A subset of our dashboards is displayed below:

Services that will help to improve your public transport
With Zightwise, transit managers will be able to answer questions like:

  • Is the on time performance on target? If not: on which routes and in which hour blocks is it lacking? Are deviations incidental or structural? Is it due to planning, traffic or drivers?
  • Is occupancy sufficiently okay? If not: when and where are ridership and vehicle-capacity not matching? Are deviations incidental or structural?

To help users in maximizing ROI we offer extra services to:

  • Understand – User Manual
  • Educate – Online training, webinars, templates to boost data drive
  • Support – Online service platform, FAQs
  • Improve – Roadmap, membership Zightwise Design Council
  • Connect – Online newsletter, User Group Meetings
  • Accelerate – Tips to embed Lean Six Sigma in your improvement plans

in 3 easy

Start using Zightwise in 3 easy steps. Becoming a user is easy. In just three steps Zightwise will unlock the value of your data.

Once you are up and running you will get our newsletter with cases, tips and roadmap, access to our online FAQs and helpdesk, and invitations to user group sessions and webinars.


1. Register

  • Use this link to sign-up.
  • Register your organisation.
  • Choose your Zightwise-modules (depending on your available data).
  • Choose your number of users.
  • Accept costs and Terms & Conditions.
  • Pay deposit/first term.

2. Upload

  • After signing-up, the templates for data-delivery will be sent.
  • Data should be uploaded compliant with these templates.
  • Your first batch will be reviewed and accepted by Zight.
  • After acceptance, regular data upload to our designated server can start.

3. Use

  • Zight will send you and your users all details to access Zightwise.
  • You and your users can opt for an online introduction and training.
  • Now you can start to monitor, analyse and optimize your public transport.

4. Benefit from tools like:

  • User manual – explanation of all indicators, business rules, dashboards and functionality.
  • Tips to boost Transit Intelligence with Zightwise – List of tips and cases that will help users in benefitting from the information in Zightwise. The list is compiled of experiences from developers, users and other transit professionals.
  • Improve your transit using Zightwise & Lean Six Sigma – white paper and templates that will help you to benefit from the information in Zightwise using Lean Six Sigma Principles.

gives you
great value
for money

Value for money: lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Zightwise gives you great value for money, since you do not need any development budget, and your total costs will correspond to the size of your public transport operations. Our pricing is simple: based upon the number of users and vehicles.


Costs Type # € per unit Total
Fixed (/data source) Installation # € 1.500,-
Recurring (/month) # vehicles # € 5,- *
# users # € 45,-
* Costs are based on a maximum history of 3 years, and data needs to be delivered automatically and compliant with our templates.

Zightwise offers you the following benefits:

  • Ready-made business intelligence customized to transit requirements.
  • Intelligence that helps to improve performance, profit and satisfaction.
  • Easy to use: designed with transit professionals from all departments.
  • Fast data querying enabling analysis of all KPIs.
  • No efforts and budgets needed for design and development.
  • Great value for money: lowest Cost of Ownership possible.
  • No more time-consuming manual reporting.
  • State-of-the-art technology with highly interactive visuals.
  • Full control on who has access to your data.
  • Cloud-based, so no hosting nor maintenance worries.
  • Insights via Desktop, tablet, smart phone and smart watch.
  • Access via any browser from any device.
  • Full service BI solution … a no worries offer.

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